Acura Shipping

Project Handling

Our experts understand that each shipment is unique and requires a customised approach to ensure its success. That’s why we offer expert Project Handling services to meet all your transportation needs and ensure the seamless delivery of your goods.

With our Project Handling service, you can expect:

Customised solutions for large, complex and time-sensitive shipments

Expert coordination and management of all aspects of the shipment, from origin to destination

Seamless integration with our other shipping services, such as air, sea and rail freight

Real-time tracking and communication to keep you informed every step of the way

Experienced logistics professionals to manage the entire shipping process

Get The Expert Advantage

Our Project Handling Services allow you to make the most of your supply chain. Never miss a beat and always be aware of what’s going on with our unparalleled tracking services that help our team to collaborate and c9me up with the best plans that suit your needs.

Get Seamless Workflow

Our Project Handling Services ensure that your workflow is seamless and as efficient as possible. This is made possible by our completely digitised platform that enables future planning and execution with confidence.

The Quickest and Easiest Claims

Our Digital Services allow us to provide you painless and comforting claims that are the quickest in the industry. You get automated claims making your work experience seamless and fast.

Free Up Your Time And Effort

When you opt for us as your shipping partners you get the best in industry Project Handling Services that frees up a ton of time and effort on your end. We do the bulk of planning and execution for you so that you can concentrate where you are absolutely needed.

Whether you are transporting large equipment, sensitive products or anything in between, our Project Handling services provide a cost-effective solution for your transportation needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help streamline your supply chain and ensure the successful delivery of your shipment.